Navigating Through Complexities

Moonhill is a community blog that consists of movie reviews, analysis, guides, news and trivia. Back in 2020, Moonhill focused on movie analyses and movie reviews. However, starting from 2021, Moonhill starting to expand. The contributor team is growing and they start to publish the various type of articles.

Moonhill is using Blogger to host their articles. The previous post labelling system was too confusing for the new writers––to categorise their articles––and the top menu was not helpful for the readers to navigate the site. 

I was challenged to make the menu for the visitor to find any information they need and make the labelling system simpler for the writers to categorise their articles.

The goal of this revamp project is to empower users, both visitors and the contributor team.

During the process, I proposed to migrate Moonhill to another CMS (Content Management System)––like WordPress––which has better categorising and labelling options. Unfortunately, the migration process was cancelled due to limited human resources and the need for technical efficiency. I scrapped the initial plan and rework the information structure.

Based on experiments and feedback from beta users and the contributor team, I decided to separate the posts according to the type of articles, such as Wiki, for pillar articles––Review, Analysis, Editorial, News, Guide and Others for supporting articles. 

These changes do not interrupt the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) of the website but strengthen it in the long run.