Creative Way to Initiate Brand Engagement

Glints are looking for any undergraduate students and recent graduates who aspire to be top marketers through the Campus Ambassador program.

Glints are looking for those who are active in campus organisations and have a wide network of contacts.

The participants will be part of Glints marketing team as affiliate network at and outside the university to generate user leads and drive recruitment strategies.

Initial Brief

was to create a welcoming kit for participants of the program.

The make over

Since the participants are young university students and are active on social media, my idea was to create a cute and “less-boring” Welcoming Kit, that would them to share it on social media and going to enhance Glints ExpertClass brand awareness as a result. 

We use vector illustration instead of simple shapes and typography. The faces are portrayed in various skin colours, cultural backgrounds, and personalities to symbolise the inclusivity of this program.